Our Tasks:

Development & construction of machines for ceramics – ranging from a "simple press” to a "fully automatic production plant”
Development, design & construction of special machinery & equipment, as well for the tile-, refractory- & recycling industry

Our Service:

Production- & project management
Development & construction
Mould design & construction to measure
Repairs, remodelling & maintenance

Our Machines:

Well-tried quality & solid workmanship
Latest technology, applied in a clever & highly functional way, concentrating on essentials
Functional for lifetime
Machines, which are not just conceived on the "drawing board” or the "CAD -equipment”, but based on 40 years of experience in practical operation.
Our machinery can be adapted to the expansion of your company. Owing to our "Modular System”, our machines can be "uprated” or "remodelled” without difficulty at any time.